Monday, October 22, 2007

Where have I been?

I've been really quiet on the art scene lately. I've missed World Horror Con for the past three years, including this year. I've not juried in for Dragon Con in at least that long as well. Nor have I done any of the other local conventions with art shows.

I could make a million excuses. My printer broke. I had a hard drive crash (this was the most devastating because my art is all digital and some of my most important pieces were not backed up yet - totally my fault). Health issues. Time issues. Family issues. The list goes on and on an on. It all boils down to the same bullshit - excuses.

I miss it. I miss my artist friends. I miss the excitement of walking through rows of panels and seeing my work hanging there, being admired by people. I even miss the debating (is 3d digital art really art, anybody?) and defending my work as legitimate art. So much about all of it I miss.

So I'm going back. My printer is, I believe, repairable. If it's not, then I'll invest in a new one (unless someone can recommend a really awesome, not horribly expensive printing service that won't freak out over nudity?). I am making new art, feeling inspired again. I think I'll start with World Horror Con 2008. Who's going to go with me?

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